Six Reasons to Treat Your Clients to a Cricket Hospitality Event

  1. A Successful England Team:

    Whilst the England football and rugby teams are currently struggling, the England Cricket team is on a big high at the moment, being the leading Test nation. Customers like to see success and this therefore makes watching England an extremely attractive proposition.

  2. Quality Time with Client:

    With international cricket being an all day event, this allows you to spend quality time with your client. It also takes the pressure off you with your client if conversation is running dry, as there is always something going on in the background with the cricket.

  3. Guest Speakers:

    Most cricket hospitality packages include a former player as guest speaker and this is always a thrill for a cricketing enthusiast to hear a former international speaking. They are likely to go away and say that they have heard so and so speak, which is a big plus for you as a host, as it is another reason why they have had a memorable day.

  4. Good Value for Money:

    Many rugby hospitality packages are £600 – £700 per person these days, where as a cricket hospitality package is generally £300 -£400 per person, which usually includes breakfast, a three course lunch and afternoon tea and cakes. With a complimentary bar usually included for this price as well, it makes a cricket package extremely good value for money compared to many other sporting events.

  5. Major Grounds around the Country:

    With ten major international grounds located around the UK, you have the opportunity to see England in action at a variety of places all around the country, such as Bristol, Durham, Southampton and Manchester, as well as the regulars such as London and Birmingham. You compare this to football or rugby, where the only opportunity you get to watch England play is in London at Wembley and Twickenham respectively.

  6. Shorter Format:

    With Twenty 20 cricket becoming ever popular, this is a great chance to take customers who are not such big cricket fans, to a shorter format of the game. These games tend to last for two and a half hours, compared to seven hours for a One Day International or Test Match. Twenty 20 is also very entertaining with the emphasis on big hitting.

Gala Events provide cricket hospitality packages for all of the major international and domestic cricket games.

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