Sports hospitality – why it’s the best type of incentive scheme

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Sport matters. Research by the Happify website reveals that people who regularly watch it are less prone to depression, have lower stress and higher self-esteem than non-fans – while a study by the University of Warwick proved that happy workers are 12% more productive. As a business owner, you can tap into this – with sporting hospitality incentives. Rewarding your staff with tickets to the greatest sporting events is a sure-fire way to transform your office culture and boost your bottom-line. Here’s a few of our favourite sporting hospitality incentives – and the benefits they bring.

Sport incentives… keep the whole office happy

Football hospitality incentives are a no-brainer. But sports fans are tribal. Maybe the accounts department loves rugby, the marketing team is into motorsport, the reps want a flutter at the races and the cleaner lives for cricket. No problem. With all types of incentives for employees who love sport – from the Champions League to the British Grand Prix – it’s easy to create a package that suits your staff and budget.

Sport incentives… are the ultimate VIP experience

The more glamorous the sporting event, the harder your staff will work to secure the tickets – so imagine the excitement when you lay on the VIP treatment at legendary venues from Twickenham to Ascot with celebrity experiences events. Take a seat in the executive box and enjoy a better view than the commentators. Stay refreshed with a champagne reception and three-course meal. Hear the wisdom of your sporting heroes in an A-list after-dinner speech. It all adds up to an experience your staff will talk about for months to come – and spread your firm’s reputation as a great place to work.

Sport incentives… help your staff to bond

A recent study by Relate found that 42% of employees don’t have a close friend at work – while separate US university research reveals that loneliness has a “significant influence on work performance”. To put that another way, when your staff bond, their output boosts – and sport is one of the very best ways to make this happen. Maybe you’ll arrive at Lord’s as 28 strangers who don’t speak outside the boardroom – but by the final innings, you’ll be a close-knit unit who’ll take that camaraderie back into the workplace.

Sport incentives… are simple to set up

Perhaps you’re worried that organising sport incentives will be a time-consuming hassle, taking you away from the day-to-day demands of your business. With our expertise, experience and industry-wide contacts, we’ll take the admin out of the equation, overseeing everything from transport to accommodation while your staff simply enjoy their big day out.