Plymouth Euro 2024 Big Screen Event: Peter Shilton
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Plymouth Euro 2024 Big Screen Event

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Peter Shilton, Neil 'Razor' Ruddock & Perry Groves

Legendary football stars Peter Shilton, Neil ‘Razor’ Ruddock, and Perry Groves joined forces for an unforgettable Plymouth Euro 2024 Big Screen experience at the Crowne Plaza. This exclusive event offered fans a unique opportunity to gain insights from these icons of the game, whose decorated careers continue to inspire football fans across the nation.

Shilton, Ruddock, and Groves engaged the audience with captivating tales from their playing days, both on the international stage and the top-flight of English club football. The atmosphere crackled with nostalgia and insightful commentary as the legends reminisced about their storied careers. The conversation then shifted to Gareth Southgate’s current England squad. The former players offered their expert analysis on the team’s attacking players, and how to best get the most from the vast array of talent. They also shared their predictions for England’s journey through the Euros, highlighting who are the biggest potential threats and which key players to watch out for.

Beyond the in depth and highly entertaining football talk, exceptional sporting hospitality was delivered. Guests enjoyed top quality food and drink, creating a truly prestigious atmosphere that was further enhanced by the presence of Sky Sports presenter Dave Fulton.

Following the conclusion of the England vs Slovenia match, which ended in a 0-0 draw, the discussion quickly shifted to analysing the team’s performance. With qualification to the knockout stages guaranteed, the focus was put on the many potential areas for improvement as England navigate what seems to be a very favourable side of the draw. The conversation buzzed with optimism, with the hope that England can silence the doubters, build momentum and finally bring home the coveted Euros trophy.

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