5 Reasons to Treat Your Clients to Football Hospitality

5 Reasons to Treat Your Clients to Football Hospitality

1. Tap into your client’s passion: Football fans tend to be just that – fanatical! Tapping into your client’s deepest sporting passion is a sure-fire way to cement a long-term business relationship. It shows attention to detail, taking into account what your client would enjoy most if they are going to choose to be spending time with you.

2. The quality of the experience: Gone are the days when football hospitality consisted of a slightly better half-time pie in a smoky room in the bowels of the stands. The quality of the facilities and scope of hospitality on offer at modern stadia is truly impressive, with a range of restaurants and bars serving superb cuisine, and corporate boxes and packages to suit all budgets and tastes. All top clubs now recognise that the hospitality experience needs to complement the action on the pitch, with luxury and comfort being at the forefront.

3. The breadth of choice: Football is the nation’s number one sport, which means that there are a huge range of opportunities to go to top matches. With a total of 380 Premier League matches each season, the Champions League, FA Cup, Europa League and League Cup, there is rarely a dull moment during the season. Even if your clients aren’t die-hard football fans, it is difficult not to be impressed with the spectacle and atmosphere of a top-class match.

4. The quality of the action: The Premier League is widely regarded as the most exciting domestic competition in the world, with an influx of stars from around the globe adding lustre to our national game. Many of the world’s top players currently ply their trade in the EPL, including Robin Van Persie, Luis Suarez, Wayne Rooney, and Sergio Aguero. The strength in depth of teams in the Premier League is the envy of other European Leagues, and the football played is often an explosive mix of grit and glamour.

5. Good value for money: With hospitality packages at some top-flight games starting at well under £200 + VAT per person, you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy a top-class sporting day out. Football hospitality compares favourably in terms of price with many other sports, and with plenty of quality time both before and after the match to spend with your guests, you won’t feel pressured.