Social Distancing Events

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For all the buzz of being there, in total safety and comfort, try Gala’s social distanced hospitality. Get out and about, attending special events where careful distancing guidelines never get in the way of the fun.

What we do....

When you’re ready to get out there, trust Gala to provide peace of mind at your choice of social distanced events. Perhaps you’ll take on a snooker icon at a reserved private room, cast off alongside a celebrity fisherman, or play 18 holes against your favourite sports star. Whatever you choose, rest assured that your unforgettable day will follow the latest safety guidelines. 

At Gala, we know how a keepsake can spark memories of your special day. So when you’ve found your perfect event, be sure to ask about add-ons. From a personalised souvenir to a highlights video complete with your firm’s branding, it’s the perfect finishing touch – making your package feel as individual as the people you’re treating.